School Project DIY : 學 生 救 星

Special Offer for school, we provide high speed laser cut machines and economic price to the architects, designers and students, you  can work with special cost and enjoy your creativity and homework now.  

High speed & large cutting area Laser cut Machine Services
60cm x 90 cm (90W)  and  90 cm x 120 cm (90W)

高速激光機 HK$240 每小時
高速激光機 HK$180 每小時 (DIY)
High laser cut machine HK$240/h
High laser cut machine HK$180/h (DIY)
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School Projects...

Our custom laser cutting + engraving + Fiber etching + services gives you the full support and ability to create custom accessory parts from a variety of acrylic, wood, cardboard, leather, fabric, steel. Laser cutting, also allows you to realize intricate designs that are too complex for cutting by hand. we can laser cut almost anything you can create, including sharp angles and pattern, smooth curves, screw holes, and complex lace designs, at the same time... we can also do laser engrave pattern, logos, marking text, and images on to your products.



  • Acrylic cut
  • Cardboard cut
  • Fabric cut
  • MDF cut
  • Leather cut
  • Engraving
  • Etching Logo
  • CNC milling
  • 雷射雕刻切 割
  • 產 品 激 光 打 標
  • 藝 術 效 果 噴 油